Having trouble scaling


INVESTING business?

We'll build and run a Facebook advertising system generating you

consistent, high-converting leads.

If we don't get you leads, you don't pay. 

It's only fair, really. We offer our real estate wholesaler clients a performance-based service that will take the hassle, stress, and overwhelm of trying to build and automate your property lead-generation system  off your hands, completely.

Imagine having the luxury of focusing on your zone of genius while we build a customized, intelligent advertising system that unleashes an unrelenting flood of high-quality, motivated sellers to your business and skyrockets your revenue.

Naturally, the best part is if we don't get you leads, then when it comes to our management fee:



You know Facebook ads are the future - the key to automating and growing your business in the most cost-efficient way - but frankly, you have NO CLUE how to even go about finding and attracting your leads on this powerful platform.

If you've ever tried Facebook ads before, you understand precisely how much more complicated it really is - and that doing them wrong ends up costing tens of thousands of dollars.


We let business owners focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands. 


Whether you're struggling with poor quality leads, seeing absymal returns on your ad spend, or you just can't find the right audience (along with other problems), we've got you covered.


We'll conduct extensive research to establish the perfect target market, build the right landing page strategy, create compelling ad creative, and then test, monitor, analyze and optimize until we crack the code and unlock the results you're after. We've garnered high-quality leads using ad systems that cost under $80/lead - 3x to 7x cheaper than direct mail and better quality than Google AdWords. 


We are so confident in our services that we offer a performance-based advertising service, which means we only get paid when we deliver leads!


We've consulted with hundreds of real estate wholesalers. And one common theme among many is that they've been left burned by the experience of working with marketing and advertising agencies. We wanted to eliminate the risk of hiring an agency and started offering services on a performance basis. 


What's the catch, you ask? 


There isn't one! We're just that confident in our ability to deliver results worth your time. We want real estate brands - both big and small (especially those that have been left burnt in the past) with an opportunity to leverage Facebook ads. 


All that we require for the Performance Based model is: 1) product-to-market proof and 2) a validated, well-converting funnel in place, meaning you've already been able to generate profits through your website or a landing page and convert at the industry benchmark. If you don't meet this criteria, don't sweat it. In those cases, an initial setup fee may apply.




Real Estate Investors. Struggling with scaling or finding high-quality leads? Spent money on ads with no results? We'll analyze the state of your website, your ads strategy, and optimize your Facebook ads to reach your objectives in a flash. Free.

Ready to work with us?

NOTE: Setup fee will apply for companies with no existing or viable sales funnel. Ad spend to Facebook to be paid by client.