Are you game to let us to give you a customized plan to double, triple, or even quadruple your company's revenue over the next quarter, for free? 

You read that right. 

I, the Founder of KRA, am happy to personally dive deep into your company's operations and digital presence and show you where you're going wrong in your marketing strategy - including ad creative, copy, targeting, and landing page design and content that's preventing you from getting killer returns - identify where you can make specific improvements to easily and quickly move the needle towards results, show you how to go about making the changes you need to make in order to start seeing instant improvements to your ad funnel performance, and show you exactly what a successful advertising system should look like, customized and tailored just for your business.  At no cost whatsoever to you. 

And if you haven't run ads before, that's okay, too. I'll craft you a killer advertising strategy to bring in cash and get you great ROI - immediately. 

That way you'll be able to get far more quality leads on autopilot without having to shoot aimlessly in the dark and waste any money on ad gimmicks that don't work - even if you know little to nothing about Facebook ads. 



As you've surmised by now, we are advertisers and advertising consultants specializing exclusively in helping established companies attract more customers and clients and explode their growth using the power of social media advertising. 

And there's a pretty good chance that your market has a large pocket of people who would be incredibly responsive to the custom advertising strategy I'll be giving you for free, which will be stellar for your bottom line. 

And if you find the strategy I build for you valuable, you might want to come aboard the KRA train and become a client of our agency. If that's the case, cool. The rate for our done-for-you services starts at $6,000/month with a setup fee that starts at $3,500. Our ad consulting services start at $400/hour and go up to $9,000 per quarter. 


HOWEVER, with that said, please know this isn't some whack sales pitch in disguise. You won't be sold to, you won't be pressured, you won't be pestered, you won't be hounded or pushed, at all. In fact:


 If after I give you this strategy you feel I've wasted even a minute of your time, let me know and I'll immediately write and send you a check for $200 to compensate you. 

Yep. You heard me. If you feel like your time's been wasted, I'll pay YOU. 

I obviously can't help everyone, here. In fact, this offer will only be of value to business owners who: 

✔️ are well respected in their markets, 
✔️ are open to advertising online, 
✔️ can demonstrate they can close at least 30% of the leads I help them get, OR

✔️ have websites that convert at 3% or higher, OR

✔️ have landing pages that convert at 20% or higher.


We're looking for a just a few companies that I can bring in MASSIVE WINDFALLS for with strategies we've already seen great results with. If that's you or someone you know, here's what to do next. Grab 15 minutes with me by clicking the button below:


You'll see a form with a few questions about your business and what you're looking to accomplish, as well as a means to give me some days and times that would work for you. Once I have that info from you and we've spoken, I'll get my thinking cap on, whip out the ol' whiteboard, dive into market research with the team, and then set up a time for us to go over your winning strategy together. That call should only take 45 to 60 minutes of your time. 

I'm very excited to get to know you and your business. See you on the other side!