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We help eCommerce business owners just like you generate a predictable flow of new clients and customers every single month using our proven digital marketing & advertising system.
Why doesn't digital advertising work for so many?  There are a number reasons which all come down to one simple truth. Most companies unknowingly try to use strategies that just don't cut it for their industries. These closely-held industry secrets have long been reserved for Madison Avenue ad agencies exclusively for the benefit of billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies that could afford their six-figure per month management fees.
That is, until now. We've invested years of testing and nearly one hundred thousand dollars to amass a world-class team and develop customized solutions that works for companies just like yours, in order to get you: 

— Mia G. | Financial Advisor

"Kai has a remarkable talent for strategy. She showed us what was missing in our messaging and it was so critical to landing our new clients. We highly recommend her and the agency for consulting and marketing for any service-oriented company that relies on building trust to land big business."

We've helped businesses drastically reduce acquisition costs in industries that are traditionally more difficult to acquire quality clients, loyal customers, and motivated sellers online. Whether you're at six figures in sales per year or approaching eight and still looking to scale, our systems help you grow, and grow fast.
Even while you sleep.  
Tripled CVR
Garnered 32x ROAS for a new eCommerce brand in just 30 days, with 7% CTR from a cold audience.
Dramatically Reduced Sales Cycle
Garnered 1.2 million in property sales for a real estate client in 3.5 weeks - just 25% of their typical sales cycle
Create a Flood of High-Quality Leads
Garnered $178,000 in profit for a real estate wholesaler in just 42 days of ad launch, at only $82/lead.
This collection provides prospects and clients alike with massive amounts of insider know-how and expert insight to get you started on growing and scaling your business effectively.

January 3, 2019

With the explosion of the eCommerce industry in recent years, so too has the need intensified to gain a competitive edge in the market as more and more companies emerge to grab market share. With this flood in the market, companies find it increasingly challenging to c...

August 7, 2018

It's so critical to understand the user value + advertiser value and the impact on winning the auction if you really want to win at Facebook ads in a cost-effective way.

The secret sauce to winning at FB ads and getting campaigns that you're going to be successful with...

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